SOLEE Science & Technology U.S.A, Ltd

We are proud to represent SOLEE Science & Technology!

SOLEE Science & Technology, has been providing innovative, high-performing, eco-friendly and cost optimal products and solutions for nearly two decades.

SOLEE is an ISO 9001 certified award winning, international manufacturer, which has strong R&D capabilities, numerous patents and many patent pending products in the pipeline.

We have a variety of innovative high performing products serving our clients across the globe.

Some of our cold chain logistics products include:
  • One way and reusable insulated containers
  • Phase change materials in a variety of temperature ranges such as 2~8°C, 15~25°C, -15~-25°C and 0°C
  • One way and reusable temperature and humidity monitoring devices
  • US patented vibration isolation technology such as our innovative vibration isolation pallet will reduce shock and vibration up to 80%.

    We also have our one of a kind vibration isolation platform hand-truck. Our retail and wholesale ice coolers come in various sizes, models, and colors.

    We also offer medical equipment and products.

    We make a conscious effort to utilize eco-friendly materials to design and manufacture our products. We are intent on improving sustainability and make the world a better place.
    Most Popular Products:

    • Double-Deck Insulated Trolleys
    • Backpacks
    • Multi-Function Distribution Carts
    • Test Tube Carriers

    • Cold Chain Logistics
    • Patented Vibration Isolation Solutions
    • Ice Coolers
    • Portable Insulated Carriers

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