Eagle Systems

We are proud to represent Eagle Systems!

The Eagle Systems® Eco-Flow brand is the most cost effective and automatic cold foil system available from any manufacturer and has been adopted by the worlds leading lithographic printing press manufacturers. Almost all types of lithographic printing press can be adapted to cold foil application and realise the stunning effects achievable by overprinting on plain silver foil.

We don't make printing presses... we make them better!

On your sheetfed offset press, we use 2 printing towers to perform the cold foiling process. One printing tower is used to apply the adhesive, printed as a normal offset ink. The second printing tower presses the substrate and the foil carrier together. It is also very easy to switch from foiling to normal printing, therefore keeping all the functionality of your press.

Eagle Systems is the leader in the design and manufacture of foil stamping and print enhancement equipment with their Eagle Systems® brand.

The Eagle Systems® machines have stood the test of time and have been a long time favorite for conversion of automatic die cutting presses and lithographic printing presses.

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